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Life and Times of the Uber Goat

Elder Scrolls Online

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Updated April 12 - Crafting Time

Getting the Horns with Goat Simulator

In what started out as an indie developer tech demo gone crazy, Goat Simulator has arrived. Curious, I head to its Steam page for more information and find this as the product announcement from developer Coffee Stain Studios: “You can now be a goat.”

Thanks allot, Coffee Stain Studios. I guess I’ll have to take it from there.

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Minecraft – My 256 Block Challenge

I am still actively playing Minecraft, especially on the MaMinecraft server, official server of AAGH. I like custom challenges, so I decided to set myself one tonight. My goal: survive off the land in a random, limited-sized world. I call it my 256-Block Challenge.

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Elder Scrolls Online RIP – Update 3

The Elder Scrolls Online is now a thing, a thing you can buy and play. Many people have wanted an online Skyrim or Oblivion, to the point that player-made mods have attempted the feat, to limited success (so far). Many more, though, see an online component as blasphemous to the series’ good name and are in an indignant uproar on the issue. In this Review in Progress (RIP), I’ll be taking you along with me as I explore, experiment and ultimately review TESO.

Updated (4/12/14): We wrap up this RIP with a look at crafting, classes and gear.

Updated (4/8/14): In this update I go to Cyrodiil and try out the PvP in ESO.

Updated (4/7/14): I have put up part two of this RIP, running down the good and the bad I have experienced so far.

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Week Reflection – Facebook goes VR, Guild Wars 2 Changing

I’ve decided to group some stories from this past week into a wrap up article that we’re calling Week Reflection, including Facebook’s acquisition of the Oculus Rift, Guild Wars 2 announcing major system changes, and EverQuest Next Landmark going to closed beta. Let’s take a look at our reflection and see what we see.

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About Time, EA – Sim City No Longer Online Only

When Sim City released for PC last year, the biggest complaint lobbied towards it was its always-on online requirement. As of now, that is officially a thing of the past. Sim city can now be played in an offline single player mode that, to be honest, should have been available from the beginning.

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Free Realms Headed for the Sunset

One of the first MMOs I reviewed here on AAGH was Free Realms, back in 2009. I have always had something of a soft spot for it and its world, so I am sad to say that Free Realms is closing the evening of March 31st.

While not the most popular of MMOs it was always relaxing to me, a game I could play when I wanted to unwind. You knew what you were getting when you logged in – bright colors, happy creatures and some low-stress gameplay. To help players enjoy the end of Free Realms’ road, Sony Online Entertainment has reduced all items in the in-game shop to one Station Credit. If you haven’t played Free Realms it’s obviously too late to start, but if you have fond memories – as I do – now is your last chance to play. I still think that MMO code should be made open source when a game shuts down for good to keep the experience alive for those who continue to enjoy it, but that’s a pipe dream. Farewell, Free Realms, it’s been fun.

Free Realms Sunset

AAGH Titanfall LIVE Livestream Coming Tuesday (Updated)

UPDATE: And it’s all over, folks. The stream went off well and the servers held up. Check the full post for a recap video of the event, in case you missed it.

Original Post: Titanfall is coming March 11th for PC and Xbox One, and we’re going to be live streaming it on PC as soon as we can get online after midnight Tuesday. We will be live on our usual Twitch channel, so follow to get alerted when we go live. You can also follow us on Twitter to get livestream alerts that way.

All times are approximate, and could change based on server stability, both Titanfall’s servers and Twitch’s.

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