Championing Humanity in Dragon Ball Xenoverse

I have been an anime fan for a long time now, and one of the first series I got hooked on back in my school days was Dragon Ball Z. At the time I started watching the show had been airing for some time and was in the middle of the Frieza arc, so my sister and I would try and figure it out to no avail. It eventually became far more fun not knowing what was going on as we would ascribe random motives and traits to the characters and basically made up our own storyline. After eventually watching it from the start I have to say that our made-up story was at least as fun and made just about as much sense as the real thing. I haven’t seen an episode of DBZ (or read any of the manga for that matter) in probably 10 years now, so when Dragon Ball Xenoverse launched in February I figured I would pick it up for nostalgia’s sake. What started as a lark has became a personal crusade – a crusade against Saiyans.

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Evolve Review – You Say You Want an Evolution

There are only a handful of first person shooters that have evolved and moved forward the FPS genre since its birth with 1991′s Wolfenstein 3D. Games like Doom (multiplayer and modding), Quake (true 3D environments), and Half-Life (storytelling and immersion) are some of them. Despite its name Evolve is not one, and that’s actually just fine because that is not what it sets out to do. Instead, Evolve sets its sights on giving players a fun, unique, asymmetrical shooter experience. It has its flaws, but overall Evolve does just that.

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What Don’t you Like about the Games you Love?

Complaining about video games is a part of gaming culture. We complain about bad games, we complain about games that could be good but are broken, we complain about games because they’re on systems we don’t own, and so on. Today I’m going to take a different tact on that act, and point out things I don’t like about games that I love, and I would like to hear your takes on this as well.

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The Evolve DLC Argument

It looks like everyone and their great-great Grandmother is weighing in on the price of the Evolve DLC. Apparently it’s expensive, and that’s obviously a bad thing when you have already paid at least $60 for the game itself. Being the head of gaming site – this one, obviously – I’m going to throw my hat in the ring as well, and here is my official stance: I don’t have any problem with it whatsoever.

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Evolve First Opinion – Tackling Darwin’s Game

Turtle Rock Studios’ new asymmetrical 4v1 first person shooter Evolve is finally here, and with it comes the questions. Is it really possible to balance a game where the whole idea is that one player is significantly more powerful than the rest? How do you handle matchmaking when people will inevitably want to play the same class? Can the game sustain interest long term? Let’s delve into our First Opinion and find out.

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Grand Theft Auto 5 PC Delayed until March

After weeks of rampant internet speculation and a denial by Rockstar, the unfortunate has happened: the PC version of Grand Theft Auto 5 has been delayed. Once due to release on January 27th, PC gamers will have to wait a few more months to explore Los Santos. Continue reading

Happy 10th Birthday All Around Gaming Hub

Ten years ago this month – on January 17th, to be precise – way back in 2005 I launched this site. Originally a small gaming site started with some friends as a see-if-we-can venture, All Around Gaming Hub is today my day-to-day work and part of a hosts a number of projects. Let’s look back at some of the high and low points in AAGH’s history and be sure to come back all month for more anniversary coverage.

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