I played Brain Age on DS, but I missed Big Brain Academy. Now that I’ve played the Wii sequel, do I feel compelled to go back and try it on the DS? Not really, but not because the game is bad. I just get tired of looking stupid, that’s all.

BBA:Wii is a game that tests your mental astuteness in a series of tests that include identification, memorization, analyzation, computation and visualization. I’m terrible at computation, but my visualization was decent. I never was one for numbers, anyway. What I found was that I’m allot dumber then I thought I was. Wii Degree gave me a brain weight of just over 1,000 Kgs, which isn’t too good. What can I say? I’ve never been a great student, anyway, and that’s what you need to be to rate high at Wii Degree.

You don’t need to be a great student at a school, just of the game. Esentially, it comes down as much to mastering the mini-games as to your mental acuity. The minigames I liked included putting parts on a picture to complete it, and matching up 3D blocks.

This is a game that anyone can play and get something out of. BBA:Wii is fun in short bursts and for testing yourself daily, similar to the fitness test in Wii Sports. I find it fun, but I also find it deflating to my ego.

The Wii controller was practically designed for this. It’s point-and-click style makes this game so much easier then a cursor and d-pad style could. It reminds me allot of using a computer with the mouse, and that makes me comfortable, seeing how much time I put in on my PC daily.

Will Wii Degree sell you on improving yourself? Maybe. It depends on how much you value your self-image. I personally take it hard when someone is recognized as better then I am at something, so I’m going to work hard until Beta’s back in town. She’s a smart cookie, so hopefully I can master the minigames to negate that advantage. I’d recommend this as a rental, at least, to see how you rank.  Alphasim out.