I opted to give the multiplayer demo for Crysis 2 a go, despite my misgivings towards online play. I wanted to see the graphics and the controls for myself. It turned out that I needed a account to get in. I give the in-game registration menu my desired username, password and email, and it tells me that my username was already in use. I try another username and it now says that my email was already registered. Really? That’s odd, since I never played the original (outside of the demo). I opted to go to the page and ask for my lost password, and it tells me that neither my chosen username or email were every registered. I register on the page and go back into the game, only to be told that I had an invalid log in. Now really mad I give it a random username and password and a different email address and finally get in.

Once in I got to see what I came for.The gameplay was smooth and the action wasn’t too crazy. The visuals were great even though my PC was labeled ‘Gamer’ by them rather then Hardcore (therefore not getting all of the bells and whistles). I still had some slowdown but I loved the smooth turning and distortion from using my nanosuit.

I played a match and was queued for another when I was kicked back to my desktop. I tried to log back in with my original password on but it wasn’t recognized anymore. Great. I tried the log in I had played under and it wasn’t, either. I browsed elsewhere and came back to the site to try again, only to find out that my chosen account was already logged in.

This is too much frustration for one online match so far, and doing some research I see that I’m far from alone. Many, many PC gamers are meeting similar challenges with the game. Crysis 2 my look and play good, but unless their network can get straightened out, they’re in big trouble.

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