I’ve just gotten going in DC Universe Online, but here’s an early play preview. Creating a character seems a little complicated and way under-explained. All of the back and forth between menus makes creating a new character a real chore. The action is great, the combat is fun and the powers have some ‘oomph’ to them. However, there are issues, some of them major.


I’ve been met with numerous stability issues, ranging from disconnects to outright crashes. This level of instability is nigh inexcusable in a retail product. Another gripe I’m hearing from players is that the most recent patch removed the ability to take screenshots in game. That seems like it should be a no-brainer for a game like this, plus the feature was already implemented – they just removed it (or messed it up, one of the two).

My full review could take a while, which is one reason for this preview. If they can fix some of their issues by the time my review arrives, they could have a winner. Otherwise, this could be another Super Dud MMO.