I’ve given Dragon Age 2 a quick two hours tour and come up with a short opinion of it’s opening scenes.

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Yes, there be dragons in Dragon Age. The opening scenes play out just as in the first act in the demo, and as such is a quick breeze-through for anyone who’s played the demo a few times (like me). My male warrior, Richard Hawke, is a damage dealer so I use other melee characters as my meat shields.

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Here’s my hero. He often takes on a quizzical look, which fits because I’ve made him a proud, honorable, morally righteous smart ass. There are allot of snarky responses to use when speaking to other characters and I often take them.

He is, as said, a warrior, specializing in dealing as much damage as possible with a two-handed weapon. I’m currently level 5 so I’m just getting my feet under me.

The game controls like a dream, to me. I had trouble with Dragon Age: Origins, but they’re all ironed out in DA2. In fact, so is the framerate. I’m not playing on a ‘crippled computer’ level of graphics and I’m still 45-60 FPS most of the time, whereas in Origins I had to turn many graphical bells and whistles down or off to get 30 FPS. Add to that the fact that DA2 is significantly smaller in footprint on your hard drive and it’s obvious that BioWare has really optimized things is the sequel.

Like I said I’m only about two hours in but Dragon Age 2 already looks like a contender for 2011 Game of the Year. I’ll have a full review within a few weeks. Alphasim out.

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