Dragon Age 2 continues to impress, so here’s my latest preview.

Dragon Age 2

My expedition into the Deep Roads was a blast. I spent so long getting ready for it that I was afraid it would disappoint but it didn’t. The action was frenetic in some of the battles and the story was strong.

My main character, Richard Hawke, is now level 12. As a warrior (a two-handed specialized warrior. to be exact) he got to pick a specialization at level 7. I sort of wanted to be a Reaver for their self-healing abilities, but my heart drew me to being a Templar. My only reservation being that Templars and mages don’t get along and I like to bring mages with me on my adventures. I ultimately chose to become a Templar.

Now a rich man, Hawke is helping folks around Kirkwall, which is just what he did before he was rich. I guess some things never change. My party varies based on what I expect to encounter, but I usually bring along Varric, my dwarven rogue ally. His mouth has gotten me out of much more trouble then it’s gotten me into, which is a nice change for a smooth talking character.

So far, the game seems to be a winner. I’ve not had any crashes, lockups, or other glitches or bugs mar my experience. I think we’re nearing our review, so stay tuned.


Dragon Age 2

“Yes, I get that. I’m not asking what it isn’t, I’m asking what it is – and don’t you tell me ‘boom’ again, either!”

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