I was really upset with MLB 2K9, but I had a love/hate relationship with MLB 2K10. 2K9 was a flat-out bad game. There’s no other way to put it. 2K10 was a decent game buried under a heap of flaws. So where does that leave MLB 2K11?


When MLB 2K9 came out, 2K Sports was touting a three year development period for the series. Well, that would make this year three, and from the demo it looks like they may need another three to perfect things.

Naturally the demo doesn’t answer all of the questions one would have with the game, but it does tell a sad story. The ‘improved player models’ are not evident to me so far, and the pitching and batting feel almost exactly the same as last year. The questions are, will the mechanics improve or decline over continued use, and do the other modes – Association and My Player, specifically – have any improvements this year? We’ll all find out when the game comes out Tuesday.

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