With the Nintendo 3DS on it’s way soon, I got my first hands-on with on this morning. My first impression was that I really liked the 3D look. I didn’t have high hopes for it’s appearance since I’m not a fan of 3D movies or TVs, but this was a nice change. I took Pilotwings Resort for a spin, using the new analog nub to pilot my avatar’s jet-pack-belt-thing around Wuhu Island. The controls were much better then say, Mario 64 DS was with the d-pad. I enjoyed the 3D experience for a few minutes and could really see myself enjoying one of these.

And then I stepped away for a second, and felt loopy.

It was perhaps the oddest sensation I’ve ever had as a gamer. I was wobbly, my eyes were out of focus and my balance was off. It took me a second or three to get my bearings again. I don’t know if it was me, the system, the game, the lighting, or some mixture of them all, but I was dazed for a short after I played it. Visions of the Virtual Boy came flooding back, with all of the people experiencing headaches and sore eyes after playing it for a while.

The technology was fun,the games looked good and I liked the new controls, but unless that vision and dizziness issue can be solved, I can’t see this thing taking off in a big way, and that’s a disappointment.

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