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This is my first Final Opinion article, a quick semi-review of a game that hasn’t earned or won’t get a full, proper review.  Our first target is Test Drive Unlimited 2.

Test Drive Unlimited 2

Test Drive Unlimited was a sneaky-fun game. Not a great game, maybe not even really that good of a game, but it had it’s charms. I liked the game world, I liked the cars, and I liked the multiplayer premise. Is it’s sequel a better all around game, or just another wreck of a game?

Despite my picture above, this game is not a total wreck. In fact, it has some things that I really like. For one, I love the avatar concept. Wandering around your home and various stops in town, seeing other people just has a charm that navigating menus can’t match. Customizing your avatar is also a favorite pass time of many a gamer, so there’s that too. I enjoyed walking around my car and those in the show rooms, opening the doors and just touring them in general. If you saw a car you liked, you could give it a test drive and put it through it’s paces.

Test Drive Unlimited 2

The cockpit view is nice, and you can look around as you drive,  control the windows and radio, or open your convertible roof, should you have one. At one point I was taking my driving test, listening to the instructor tell me what I needed to do. I took a peek to my right, and lo and behold he was seated beside me. I figured he was your usual disembodied narrator or coming over a speaker or something but he was actually in the car. This was a neat, unexpected touch.

Test Drive Unlimited 2

Where it all goes to hell, and why I’m not doing a full review, is in the control. The cars are all too slippery-feeling in my opinion. They slide out of my control at any speed and therefore I’m unable to win races and therefore progress. I’m not a racing expert obviously, but I should do better then careening out of control in just about every turn. The accelerator is finicky as hell, too. I use an Xbox 360 controller when I play so I should have an analog gas pedal, but it usually doesn’t feel like it.

Without the ability to get past the early stages of the game, I cannot give this a proper review. I will, however, throw out there that I’m really disappointed with Atari. This could be a solid, fun game if they’d button down the cars’ control. Until then, it’s just another flawed racer on the market. Alphasim out.