I’ve been awaiting Brink for some time now, and finally got it when it released an hour or so ago. First opinions are important so here’s mine.

Brink is about two groups – The Security and The Resistance – fighting over a floating city called The Ark. This civil war story line isn’t extremely compelling by itself but the draw is your persistent avatar. You level, develop and customize your character through  series of missions that can be played online or off. It doesn’t matter which mode you play, or if you’re playing a stand alone match with bots, you’re still developing the same character. This gives you a sense of investment as you play. My first avatar is a member of the Security, and I usually roll as a soldier. I’m finding that the game’s gunplay is pretty loose, but you’re informed many times as you play to move more then you shoot. I believe this is the key because the shooting isn’t very precise. You can get knocked down and staggered without dying, and when your health bar is empty you can either wait for a medic or revive with your squad on a timer. What I like is that you don’t have to make a split-second decision. You can opt to wait for a medic until your team’s respawn timer is up and then choose that, or skip your timer to wait for a medic who’s temptingly close.

I’m level four as of this writing, which means that there’s allot for me to see yet. I’ll come back with an advanced preview and finished review in the near future.