Here’s our First Opinion of Witcher 2, CD Projekt’s big-budget PC RPG.

Witcher 2

I’ve been playing the start of Witcher: 2, and my first thought was how I loved the scale. When I first walked up next to the to-scale trebuchet in the prologue was an awe-inspiring sequence. Moving inside the siege tower was equally intriguing. The dragon never struck me as imposing but maybe I’m just numb to giant dragons these days.

Currently I’m in the first post-prologue village (Flotsam) unfortunately this is generic fantasy village #241 instead of an inspired design. As such, I could take it or leave it at the moment. It actually reminds me of Knothole Glade from the original Fable, and despite my fondness for both that game and that town, I’m not sure that that’s a good thing.

I’ll post further updates leading up to my full review in the future.

Alphasim out.