Q2 Report

e-AAGH.net has undergone a major transformation during the last few months, and it’s been both fun and a success. With more readers then ever there’s ever increasing pressure on the staff here to produce quality content at a steady pace. What’s changed in the last couple months? Let’s bullet point a few major differences.

  • From inception up through the end of February, e-AAGH.net was strictly an HTML-based site. By the start of March however we had swapped to a new css-based format that allows for easier maintenance and updating.
  • We’ve adopted a new preview format, using Opinion articles to give first looks at games before we release a full review. This gives people an account of our experience playing the game and not just the final, conclusive opinion.
  • Argument articles are another new feature, where I try to look at both sides of an argument and make heads or tails of the debate. From Portal 2 to Press vs. PR firms, we’ve touched on a few different subjects with them.
  • Lastly and least importantly, we’ve undergone a chromatic swap from a gold-based theme to a predominately blue and grey look..

Our traffic is up over since before the transition and it’s growing steadily, including a dramatic improvement from last month..Thanks to all who stop by and read e-AAGH.net; you’re the reason Beta and I keep at this.

In the coming months I am considering a deeper integration of the various e-AAGH.net sites, including Alazar and AlphaSports, in to e-AAGH.net proper. I’m not certain I can pull it off the way I want to so we’ll see if that happens. I’m also tempted every so often to start up an e-AAGH.net forum – and this is one of those times. If there’s a clamor for it maybe I’ll work towards that but as it stands it’s just a concept.

I would also like to look into getting freelance reviews from our readers. As is evident, I do most all of our reviews myself so they come in slower then on larger sites. If anyone has a desire to submit a review to the site, you can contact me at my email address at the bottom of the page. Don’t submit the review, just a request to do a review and any credentials you may have.

All in all, Q2 2011 was good to e-AAGH.net, and I think we’re only headed for better things. I hope to see everyone here for years to come.

Alphasim out.