NCAA Football 12 is here. I’ve played NCAA Football on the 360 since ‘08 and after reviewing last year’s offering, I was unimpressed with the game’s progress over the years. Playing the latest in the series has me more inspired then last season, but not blown away.

NCAA Football 12

The first thing I did was jump straight in to Road to Glory, NCAA 12’s player career mode. This season’s offering is more in-depth then previous years’ in that not only do you play a full senior season in high school but you can also play both sides of the ball. My usual football avatar Bud Daniel (as opposed to my NBA 2K variant, Rick Daniel), a running back. This year he’s both a half back and a middle line backer. Schools recruit you independently on each position so while one school may want Bud as a half back another may think he’s the answer at middle linebacker and offer him a scholarship there.

The online dynasty is also interesting. I’ve started a solo one to experiment with the mode. I imported a Build a Team team I made and am running them. Recruiting is finally comfortable for me. In previous years I wasn’t impressed with the recruitment process but now I’m getting allot out of it. The semi-automation of the process may be part of the reason why.

The look is solid but not spectacular and everything looks almost soft-blur filtered. If that’s a good thing or a bad thing is up to you. Personally I think it makes everything look faded.

My review is forthcoming so look for that in the near future.

Alphasim out.