League of Legends: Dominion

League of Legends, Riot Games’ highly successful free to play MOBA, is getting a major update later this year. There will be a new map, Crystal Scar, and a new gameplay type to go with it. Similar to capture point matches in the Battlefield games or World of Warcraft’s Arathi Basin, you battle over five control points that, when under your control, drain the enemy’s Nexus.

Battles are said to be much faster paced and last around 20 minutes. PC Gamer  has more information on the game, including hands-on experience.

Riot has said that Dominion will be released shortly after the PAX Prime convention, which will run from August 26-28. With that in mind we can probably expect to see it at the start of September. I for one am looking forward to trying this new map. Riot promises more information, including video documentaries and live streams on the official Dominion website, so that’s the place to be for the latest news. We’ll continue to follow it here, as well.

Alphasim out.