Since last time I made no progress towards, well anything really, this time I’m going to endeavor to fight the horrors of the night. My goal: string for a bow and some gunpowder for TNT. Why TNT? Why not TNT?

javaw 2011-08-02 10-55-10-53.avi_snapshot_04.44_[2011.08.14_16.42.29]

The night started off incredibly uneventful.  I stood on my walkway, looking into the dark of the night for creepers, zombies, skeletons, spiders, anything to fight. I finally decided that hiding on my well-lit walkway was probably not the best way to bring the undead in. Are creepers undead? I think they are.

I wandered into the night, unable to really see much at all. Finally, it happened. I heard the tell-tale growl of a zombie.

javaw 2011-08-02 10-55-10-53.avi_snapshot_05.30_[2011.08.14_16.43.11]

One, lone zombie? That’s it? That’s not much of a challenge now is it? I fileted him on the spot and moved on.

javaw 2011-08-02 11-01-19-90.avi_snapshot_01.43_[2011.08.14_16.38.39]

You can hardly see it here, but I’ve found a creeper.

javaw 2011-08-02 11-01-19-90.avi_snapshot_01.51_[2011.08.14_16.38.18]

Correction, I’ve killed a creeper. Gunpowder! Hehehe….something’s getting blown up. While TNT is nice and all I still needed two more string for my bow, since that was really the reason I was out here.Ah! Over there! Two spiders!

javaw 2011-08-02 11-01-19-90.avi_snapshot_02.24_[2011.08.14_16.37.46]

One dead spider!

javaw 2011-08-02 11-01-19-90.avi_snapshot_02.27_[2011.08.14_16.38.03]

TWO dead spiders! Ahahaha!!! (cue cheesy thunder and lightning) Now we’re in business! Come tomorrow morning I’m going to pop back in my house and string together a bow. For now though, there are more baddies to kill.

javaw 2011-08-02 11-01-19-90.avi_snapshot_03.00_[2011.08.14_16.39.02]

Headed towards my house I noticed that the moon was disappearing behind my home. The night was short and really unsatisfying. There was so little to kill! I began to head back towards my abode.

javaw 2011-08-02 11-01-19-90.avi_snapshot_03.26_[2011.08.14_16.39.48]

Ok that’s more like it. I back peddled from these approaching abominations and carefully picked them off with my iron sword. By the time they were dispatched, the sun was rising.

javaw 2011-08-02 11-01-19-90.avi_snapshot_04.10_[2011.08.14_16.40.16]

What the hell; one more spider for good measure. Having killed another spider during the night that I didn’t cover here, I now had enough string for two bows. Maybe a dispenser is in my future.

javaw 2011-08-02 11-01-19-90.avi_snapshot_04.28_[2011.08.14_16.40.39]

It’s time to head home for the day. I had my string, and I’d gotten 8 units for gunpowder during the night. Something was getting blown up, but I haven’t decided on what just yet. There’s a gravel pit east of my house, so maybe I’ll blow that up to try and bag a handful of flint the easy way.

So now I’m armed and ready in case of underground confrontations. Now I need to bolster home defense and scour my mine for the rare minerals I need to build my portal. I hope I don’t get distracted again.

That would be terrible.