With my NCAA Football 12 review coming soon, I wanted to chime in with a few final points from my playtime that won’t make it into the review, covering Road to Glory and the Online Dynasty.

I’ve been playing Road to Glory and if I’ve learned one thing it’s that being a 3rd or, worse, a 4th string walk on is a hard way to go. My main guy is a running back and got scholarship offers from schools like West Virginia but I wanted to attend Ohio State so I signed as a 4th string walk on. It took me eight weeks to see the field! That’s not much in the context of four years, but it gives a bad first impression of the mode.

Online Dynasties are fun and really shine this year, but I’ve had more glitches with mine then I’d expect out of a finished product. Most are user-aided but the errors I’ve induced could be prevented with better labeling and instructions. I’ve lost computer-written articles, and therefore the pictures they include, because I tried to edit them and changed my mind. There’s no, “are you sure you want to abandon this?” message, no nothing. It’s rather short sighted.

My full review should be arriving in just a few short days, so that’s something to look forward to.

Alphasim out.