Xbox 360 Shiny

It’s a busy week in console land. Microsoft is dropping the gloss-finished  Xbox 360 in favor of a model with a matte surface. Although I appreciate the visual appeal of the shiny black 360, I think the duller model will blend better in most game rooms. It will also be less prone to pick up fingerprints, something the original PlayStation 3 was notorious for as well before they themselves went to a matte finished model.

Speaking of Sony’s machine, it’s getting a price cut of $50 to $249. That’s a good price, in my mind, for the console at this point in it’s life cycle. It’s still a good system and $200-300 is about the price range that most gamers, in my experience, are most comfortable dropping for a new piece of hardware. That’s all on the console front for now. We’ll be back when there’s more to report.