I finally had time to try the new League of Legends mode, Dominion yesterday. Unfortunately it was pretty frantic and I didn’t snap any pictures so I had to use a stock screenshot for this article. I intended to attend as Tristana but accidentally chose Nunu (long story short: I was debating before I chose which one to pick and confused myself), which as it turns out was a good thing. I hadn’t played Nunu in quite some time so there was a brief, “what does he do again?” period before I settled into his rotation. It’s a good thing Nunu’s tough enough to endure some learning pains.

League of Legends Dominion

Dominion starts the player at level 3 so you start with a few skill points and a good bit of money to shop with. I put two points in Nunu’s Iceball and one in Consume before the match started. When it did, the action was much more frantic then the usual LoL match. Contact and confrontation with other champions was a constant event and while I was still finding Nunu’s fight pattern again a trio of my allies and I ran in to enemies playing Twisted Fate, Wukong, and Warwick. I nabbed my first kill and kill assist here – both things I’d rarely gotten in normal LoL.

I’ll admit that I struggle playing Summoner’s Rift online for whatever reason. I die constantly and never seem to make any headway for my side. Here though, I was a constant presence on my team and tied for the team lead in kills, tied for least deaths and led my side in damage done by a good margin. Whatever the reason I at least enjoyed the gameplay more. There was something about the method to the action, the Battlefield/World of WarCraft’s battlegrounds feel that I melted into. Note that I’m not great at either Battlefield or WoW either. Maybe it was a lucky match.

In short, this seems to fit more of the first-person shooter crowd’s style of play then an RTS or RPG player’s, but I personally enjoyed it. I’m looking forward to future matches to see if it holds up.