Me In Minecraft

Here’s the latest from my Minecraft mania. Another long night spent mining ended with me surfacing to snow. I guess if I want to see snow, I’ve got to forsake sleep. Good going Notch; make a game that promotes insomnia.

Me In Minecraft

The snow made for a beautiful night. It was like Christmas, but with killer zombies and exploding cactus out there instead of Santa and Rudolph.

Me In Minecraft

I took some time out the next day to remodel my house. At this point to me it looks like I have an apartment building attached to my former hobbit home.

Having slain a few skeletons over the last few nights, I had some bones laying around. Time to go get some in-home security!

Me In Minecraft

This is my dog. Or wolf. Whatever. I wandered far and wide looking for one, and used all but one of my bones taming him. If I had needed more I would’ve had to have beaten him like a naughty puppy for being so greedy. In the end I took him home and he now lives in my main room.

Me In Minecraft

A day or so later, I think one of his old pack came looking for him. This guy was right outside my house! Where the hell was he when I was hunting all across the map for a wolf?

Some things I don’t have pictures of, but are interesting nonetheless. Do you remember that cave I mentioned in the first post in this series where I got attacked by a skeleton and a creeper?

I went back.

I thought with iron armor, more torches, an iron sword and a bow I could clear it out. Heh… not happening. I went in and lit part of the cave up before getting swept away by that stupid running water again. Backed into a wall by the rushing flow, I found a red mushroom and went to pick it before suddenly falling down a deep hole. It was like a mushroom trap! There were six more mushrooms down there but I had dig my way back to the cave proper. I actually dug into the running water which flooded my hole. Great. I climbed the water back out and was walling off part of that pain-in-the-ass waterfall when I glimpsed a creeper about, oh… four blocks away and approaching fast. AAAAGH! Fire arrows!

TWANGTWANGTWANGTWANGTWANG- pop! I fired more arrows then I needed to in my panic, but it’s not like I wasted them. I clambered further into the darkness and was lighting up a dark corner before turning back to the rest of the cave when suddenly…





TWANGTWANGTWANGTWANGTWANGTWANGTWANGTWANGTWANGTWANG —- BOOM! Dammit! I was in a corner and couldn’t retreat and panicked too much to kill him, spraying a hail of arrows everywhere but into his ugly, frowning face. That’s it. This cave is freaking off limits.

I’m also having mineral issues. I said that I want to go to the nether but I can’t find any diamond. Period. I’ve cleared tons of space in the first ten meters above the bedrock and no diamond. I haven’t found any gold, either. I have a couple full stacks of redstone dust, but no diamond or gold. This is getting very irritating.

Next time, the search for diamond continues, and I finish my home security plan.