Some eight years after it originally launched, I dove in to Planetside. I’m looking forward to Planetside 2 and have always heard good things about the game, so I picked up Planetside: Aftershock cheap and opted to give it shot. I can see the pieces of a good game, but eight years is way to late in the game to join the fight.

I spent most of my time just looking for someone else to shoot at, learning that vehicles aren’t really optional. Trekking from a base to a hotspot is a hassle at the very least. At one point I was headed to a heavily stormed base (under siege by my faction) and a cooperative air transport pilot swooped down to pick me up. Once there, I was frustrated to see absolutely no one there to fight. We were swarming the place but no one was fighting back.

Eventually, an assault began from the air. Our air transport (the same one that picked me up and dropped me off) was shot out of the sky and I had an enemy air transport crash in to me. Read that again: I’m on the ground, and some pilot kamikazes into me, passengers and all. I’m pretty sure there could have been a better way.

I also learned that there’s nothing fair about war. Players with huge arms advantages share the battlefield with newbies (like me). Once the enemy came back to their besieged fortress, they proved to be way too powerful for me to even remotely fight. I’d show my face and within seconds was shredded.

Again, the roots of a good game shows. It might have been amazing in it’s heyday, but in the present time it’s a shell of it’s old self. It does, however, make me more excited for Planetside 2. Expect further coverage of that game on All Around Gaming Hub in the future.