I had preordered Dungeon Defenders for PC at the start of this year, and it’s just finally come out. I also picked it up for the Xbox 360 to test it’s multiplayer component, so this is our first combined system article.

So far I’ve tried the Mage and the Squire classes, and they’re both fun. I don’t know if it’s the art style or what but I’m getting a very World of WarCraft feel from this game. Min/maxing my attributes via equipment, putting points into my abilities as I level, and the way the classes are so different is fun to me.

Combat is fun and active. You go from mob to mob, fighting them off and trying to keep your Core (a big glowing diamond thing) safe. I can’t say it’s perfect but it’s certainly frantic.

If you like tower defense games you may well like Dungeon Defenders. I’ll have the review out ASAP.

Alphasim out.

Omega and I recently put time in on Dungeon Defenders local multiplayer on the Xbox 360. The game’s fun pacing is compounded by frantic coordinating when other players are involved. How did the two of us do in our first try? Not bad, considering our more run-and-gun style.

I opted to take the squire while Omega went both feet in on the deep end by making his first character the monk. Our first wave or two wasn’t very well managed. We took our lumps while trying to get together on planning our attack and defense, and Omega kept forgetting where the treasure chests were in between waves. By the end of the fifth wave though I think we had a good grasp on our teamwork.

My job was to block off everything the mobs could use as a path with my spiked and bouncer blockades while Omega spammed the area around the doors with his ensnare aura. Once he had his electric aura, that found it’s way onto the main floor as well. Our skill points were different as well, as he put his into his own combat skills while I buffed my defenses. This allowed me to keep my role of holding off the hordes while he ran around and killed them.

Back at the tavern we sold our random gear we didn’t need and bought a few improvements. We’re still well short of buying up pets so unlike my two PC version characters, which each have one, we’re still reliant solely on each other. That’s both good and bad. Good because we’re a very destructive team but bad because we both can have an evil, selfish streak at times about kills. Since I’m currently almost three levels higher then he is (and doing a lot more damage) I’m kind of a bit of a bully at the moment.

We can work on that though. The game is stressful enough solo and adding more players doesn’t ease that – it compounds it. We’ve got a long way to go to see any of the good gear and advanced levels so there’s allot of game ahead of us. Hopefully we can get some more time in in the next few days to add to my review.

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