State of the Site Q3 2011

It’s time for another State of the Site Address. Since the first Address in 2010, has undergone a format change and become All Around Gaming Hub. We’re going to continue to evolve as time goes on, so stop by often to see how we grow. Here’s what has happened in the last couple months.

Just yesterday we changed our look again, moving from the darker grey look to a cleaner, brighter appearance. I’m still not 100% happy with the style so I may well continue to tinker into the near future.

  • We’ve gone to a register-to-comment feature, which has been either a total flop or a minor success, depending on your point of view. For one, we’ve had exactly one registered user since we started offering it, so it hasn’t been good for creating any type of community. On the other hand, it has put an end to the flood of spam comments we were getting. I’m not sure that offsets the lack of interaction with you, the readers, but we’re sticking with it for now.
  • Beta and Omega, who comprise the rest of the staff at this point, are going in opposite directions. Beta is helping less and Omega is helping more. Omega has been in-house recently and contributes to testing of games. Beta, on the other hand has been out of touch for a while now.
  • The Jockeys, our web comic, had a couple good weeks of steady strips but has hit a rough patch again. The hope is to have a new comic in a week or so but there’s no hard timetable on that.
  • AlphaSports, on the other hand is flourishing again with the release of NBA 2K12. It’s been our most successful satellite since Alazar was in it’s heyday.
    We started a Livestream channel this month but it hasn’t been very successful as I continue to decide what our end goal with it is. I originally pegged it for AlphaSports game broadcasts but that hasn’t materialized yet.
  • Me In Minecraft has slowed down, partly because it’s wrapping up it’s story, and partly because of the time that has passed since it was originally conceived.
    In the future we’ll be adding more content, new articles, and hopefully new features. I hope you’ll be around to see it.

Alphasim out.