Star Wars: The Old Republic is in what is supposed to be it’s final beta test weekend. In my second time through the SWTOR beta mill, I can finally share some of my experience now that the NDA has been lifted.

Star Wars: The Old Republic

My experience the second time through has been a different one. Aside from obscene log in queues, which make me worry for the upcoming launch date of December 20th, the game seems to run fine. My biggest concern, and I’m going to be keeping this as brief as possible for those that don’t want any of the content spoiled before they play it in December, is how my perspective on the game has changed. My first time around I felt that this was a breath of fresh air into the MMO genre. Now, I’m less impressed. Aside from superfluous dialog sequences it could well be a Star Wars-themed World of Warcraft total conversion. It’s fun, but it is so far nothing new. I have a preorder in, so I’ll hopefully have my review up before the end of the year.