I finally got ahold of Battlefield 3 for PC last night. I was having reservations about it since I have long sucked (for lack of a better term) at shooters online, and BF3 has no (quality) single player component. What did I find when I finally picked it up?

Battlefield 3

What I found was that I liked the multiplayer combat. I still suck at it, but I enjoy it. I’m not nearly as bad as I assumed I was so that’s a plus, I guess. I still feel – I’ve long felt this way – that I’m target #1 at all times. It seems that even if there are 10 allies around me, I’m the prime guy to bullseye.  Of course, a shooting accuracy under 12% doesn’t aid my longevity either. But hey – I’ve put in less then an hour of playtime so far. I’ll get better, right? Realistically, my years in Team Fortress 2  say otherwise.

So far I’ve played a few rounds of team deathmatch and a quick conquest match and had a good time. A kill/death ratio of 12/25 attests that I’m mostly bullet fodder but I’ve won two of my three matches. Or been on the winning team at least. Same thing, right?

The single player mode I cannot stomach, however. It’s a mess of short bursts of scripted action mixed in with quick time events, which I grew sick of when they were in Shenmue. Why do FPS devs seem to think that these add ‘cinematic flair’ to their games? They kill the action and make the player a spectator – never a good idea.

In short, as I said I’m still just starting to play Battlefield 3. I’ll have an advanced preview soon and a full review after that.

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