Bethesda has announced that they’re putting the finishing touches on the Creation Kit, which will allow gamers to create mods for Skyrim on PC. Two interesting facets stand out to me from the announcement. First is that we now have a tentative release window: sometime in ‘early’ January. Second, the Kit is going to link up with Steam Workshop to ease the location and installation of mods. They propose that you will be able to select and flag mods for downloading from most anywhere, thanks to mobile devices, and it excites me because it will be woven in to the system; no workarounds or hacks involved. The Creation Kit will archive and upload your mod for you when you’re done. Of course, if you prefer to use mod sites (like TES Nexus), Bethesda says that will still be an option.

They also say that they are working on the new-since-patch-1.2 backwards flying dragons that some people are experiencing, and suggest it will be available in the next week.