It’s time for the 2012 AAGH State of the Site Address, delivered by none other I, Alpha. It’s been almost a year since our big format shift, so how have things progressed, and are we better off for it?

The short answer is yes; AA Gaming Hub today is worlds better off then it was a year ago. Not only has our content jumped dramatically (we reviewed more games last year then any year prior, and well more then we did in 2010 and ’11 combined) but thanks to that and a three-pronged boost (explaination forthcoming) our visits this last year beat our totals from 2007-2010, combined.

So what is that three-pronged boost I mentioned? One of the prongs is the addition of the forum. At first I was hesititant but it’s turned out to be a big draw. The second is an influx of visitors sharing the site and forum with their friends. But why now? What’s drawing people to visit now, and not the previous years?

That’s the third prong: our Minecraft server. Acting as an official gathering place for AAGH (and sort of an unofficial one for gametechmods), it’s been a hit so far. So much so that I had to spring for more memory for it to keep up with demand. Similarly, I may have to up AAGH’s hosting service to keep up as well.

If you want to support the site, just keep coming back and enjoying what we provide. Community drives content here, so coming back often – and sharing the site with friends – is the best thing you can do for us.

Thanks to everyone for 2011 our best year yet, and here’s hoping 2012 is even bigger.