I’ve continued playing Battlefield 3 since my First Opinion and to say that my experience has gone downhill would be an understatement. The problem is not with the game, fortunately. Unfortunately, it’s with the gamer.

Battlefield 3

I’ve never been a great online FPSer. I’ve chronicled my frustrations before on my old blog and unfortunately they’ve made the transition to Battlefield 3. My problem here is two-fold: I’m simply not a great shot, and I am sick and tired of getting sniped every time I spawn.

I tend to get picked off by snipers every time I stand up anywhere. I’m almost convinced that snipers are programmed to spawn within shooting distance of me, just out of my line of sight. As such I usually finish matches with horrible kill to death ratios, with most of my kills coming when someone inadvertently walks past me while I’m hiding from the snipers. Early on I wasn’t having this problem but lately it’s been brutal. I also seem to have a ’newbie’ glow about me or something, because if I’m with my allies, as I try to be, I’m usually the first one gunned down. With a lifetime K/D ratio of 0.41 (which takes my one good round of 11 kills and 17 deaths into account) and a Skill of –218 I think I’m sick of this game.

That leads to the point of this article: It’s going to be hard to push myself to finish a proper review of Battlefield 3. We may just wind up with a Final Opinion instead of a review, as I did with Test Drive Unlimited 2, and at this point I’m fine with that. I’m going to continue to work at it though and see if I can play enough to render a better verdict then “I suck, I’m mad, I hate this game, *ragequit*.” Until then, judgment has been postponed.