Updated April 30th, 2019: Replaced the link with a new, working one.

I liked Cut the Rope on my iPod Touch, and was hoping it would take a hint from Angry Birds and transition to the web for playing online on my computer. Unfortunately, it took the wrong hint.


Cut the Rope (playable here) is a simple puzzle game that involves – what else? – cutting ropes. Why are you cutting ropes? To get a piece of candy to Omnom, a cute little green monster with a sweet tooth. The controls are really well translated and I had no trouble getting into the game quickly. It’s also free to play which is nice.

Well, almost.


Like Angry Birds and it’s ties to Google’s Chrome browser, you’re limited to the first two sets of levels unless you play in Internet Explorer. I wasn’t bothered personally by the Angry Birds’ browser tie-in because I was already using Chrome. Some people I know who weren’t, though, were forced to install and run Chrome just to play the game, which is a little obtuse. It’s not unlike installing Steam, Impulse or Origin, but it’s just a marketing push for on Microsoft (and earlier Google’s) part. You’re not going to use a browser you don’t like (similar to some people’s feelings on EA’s Origin), but unlike Angry Birds I don’t think CTR has enough appeal to overcome that. Time will tell, though. This may be the new way or marketing casual games in the future. If so, I’m not all for it myself. Is anyone else bothered by this?

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