The journey continues. Omega and I continue our way through the nether in Minecraft before returning to Earth to find our way home. Here we go!

mpc-hc 2012-01-23 03-42-39-22

We approached this narrow staircase with caution. We were both paranoid about falling off of the one-block wide pathway.

mpc-hc 2012-01-23 03-42-42-22

Wait, that’s not a staircase. They’re not connected!

mpc-hc 2012-01-23 03-42-51-42

Holy crap, they’re really not connected. God dammit. We weren’t going to accomplish anything going back, so forward it was.

mpc-hc 2012-01-23 03-42-53-62

Omega tried to talk me out of it but I was determined. “Good luck then,” he said. I’ll need it.

mpc-hc 2012-01-23 03-43-13-25

Just call me Alphasim Skywalker.

mpc-hc 2012-01-23 03-43-32-03

On the other side, guess what? Digging! Again! You’ll be happy to know that I have cut a number of digging segments out of this series; Omega digs digging like nobody’s business.

We came out again into a cave and we found glowstone. Oh, we have to grab that! Why? I… uh… dammit, don’t ask hard questions! Omega breaks a bunch of their blocks before discovering a minor issue.

mpc-hc 2012-01-23 03-43-47-65

He couldn’t carry them. It almost looks like a damned yellow Tribble convention around him. I helped him pick ‘em up as he tossed some stacks of netherrack. We took everything we could carry and soldiered on. There were no more ghast encounters (did we kill them all?) and we stopped pissing off the pigmen so it was extremely uneventful. We found a large, open space and decided it was time to head home.

mpc-hc 2012-01-23 03-44-02-96

Floata collected more glowstone Tribbles while I built the portal.

mpc-hc 2012-01-23 03-44-27-35

We were ready. It was time to leave this place and start out long, long trip home.

mpc-hc 2012-01-23 03-44-36-32

mpc-hc 2012-01-23 03-44-43-31

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Oh. Great. It’s nightfall. We arrive just in time to have to travel by night. We each had a compass so we began to march home through the gloom.

That’s all for now. We wrap up this series on Friday. Come back for it!

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