With 2011 over and our Game of the Year awards coming, I wanted to scribe a quick list of games that have my attention in 2012. It’s a short list for now but these are the games that are at the front of my mind this year.

Mass Effect 3

I liked the original Mass Effect and loved it’s sequel so I have very high hopes for it’s latest installment. I like Bioware’s work in general but the Mass Effect line is probably my favorite of theirs.

Diablo 3

I never played Diablo and never really got in to Diablo 2. Since then I’ve tried various permutations on the genre, with my favorite being Torchlight. Torchlight 2 is also due this year but Diablo gets the nod for it’s reputation.


Another sequel  I’m not exactly familiar with. I never played DOTA when it was a Warcraft III mod but I’ve grown to love League of Legends. I’ll be checking DOTA 2 out as soon as it comes out, if for no other reason then I trust Valve.

Sims 3: Showtime

I don’t play much Sims 3 these days and don’t even have the last two expansions, Generations and Pets. Showtime may be the pack that draws me in again, with features like building entertainment venues to affect your career and ‘booking’ your friends’ musician or actor Sims to perform in your town.

Guild Wars 2

I’m out on World of WarCraft at this point so Mists of Pandaren doesn’t excite me. Guild Wars 2 though sounds amazing. I debated putting Planetside 2 here instead but the proposed features and accessibility here get GW2 the nod.

Grand Theft Auto V

I overrated GTA4, by a long shot. I was sold on the world and the graphics and lost sight of the stiff gameplay. I’m keeping an eye on GTAV and hoping that it returns the series to it’s past with crazy gameplay and non-stop action.

So that’s my short list. Which game is everyone else waiting on?

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