I used to love using the Morrowind Construction Set, so now that Skyrim’s creation kit is here, it’s time to see what I can do with it after not making mods for over six years.


Well that’s familiar. It looks just like the old one did back in 2002. I guess that’s good though – easy to get in to, right?


I remember a few things about this, and step one is to load the master file.


Another is that errors happen.




Hey, we’re in. I want to make a spell. I mean, Skyrim can always use a new, overpowered spell, right?


Wow, that’s a lot of spells. Maybe I shouldn’t make one.


Yeah right. I want to make a spell that pushed people away from me in combat. Can I do that?


This… might do it but I don’t like it. I guess I’ll have to pare my goal down.


Yay. Another super-shock spell. Yawn.


… wait a minute here. I should be able to MacGuyver the Unrelenting Force spell into this role, shouldn’t I? I should. Let’s try that!


Step one, duplicate the original.


Step two, tweak it to be a concentration spell instead of a fire-and-forget thing. Also, change some visuals.


Step three, add it to the spell. Oh, that is so much better. Now, to get it into the game.


A spell tome! Perfect. Let’s grab this book and place it somewhere I can find it.


How about Jorrvaskr?


I’ll stick it on a nice, high shelf, away from greedy NPCs.


We save!


We load!

TESV 2012-02-07 22-52-54-08

We arrive. Now to find that book.

TESV 2012-02-07 22-53-04-20

Oh. I must have fallen. I kind of balanced it on the edge but I guess it didn’t like it there.

TESV 2012-02-07 22-53-15-91

Time to read my book, and learn my new spell.

TESV 2012-02-07 22-53-28-24

Oh, yes. Now I just need somewhere to test this. Off to Silent Moons Camp!

TESV 2012-02-07 22-54-00-38

Ok, now to find some stuff to knock around.

TESV 2012-02-07 22-54-15-93


TESV 2012-02-07 22-54-27-50

That is more fun then should be allowed. I can’t get over how much FUN it is to just knocked stuff around like this! I can’t wait to use this on a bad guy. It was so fun, I made a video.

Now to upload it to Steam.


I pack it up via the Creation Kit’s built-in option, and it’s off.


And there we go. Uploaded to a world just waiting for more pointless spells. That turned out better then I expected; I didn’t think I’d come up with anything worth sharing when I started, but I did. If anyone gives it a shot, let me know.

Alphasim out.

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