For those unaware, we have a webcomic here on AA Gaming Hub. It’s titled, The Jockeys and it features the misadventures of two radio DJs and their cousin Bernie.

Joey Jockey Bernie Monster Jackie Jockey

Here you can see the central cast. Joey, on the left, is more on the laid back side, while Jackie (on the right) is more business oriented. In the middle is their cousin Bernie, who is a monster. No one knows why, or why he hangs around the studio all of the time. He doesn’t work, and most of the time he’s just trouble. There is another central cast member. Jackie’s killer pet snake, Snakey, who routinely gets loose in the studio, much to the terror or Joey and Bernie.

Early comics were drawn on paper and then scanned into my computer, but now I have a graphics tablet and a decent art program to use. Anyway, enjoy the webcomic, everyone. It’ll be updated regularly in the future.