Things are slow here at AA Gaming Hub this month. Literally lacking anything to review at this time, I am instead going to update you on our network of sites and what to expect in the future.


In case anyone was wondering, AlphaSports is indeed a relic now. It’s going to remain live for all to read but I don’t intend to do much if any updating of it. After fighting with NBA 2K12’s crashing after an NBA Finals win in My Player mode I got fed up with it. I still play occasionally but I’m not to update AlphaSports for the forseeable future.

The Jockeys

The Jockeys is another story. I’m late now on a few comics but I’m going to get back on that soon. I’ve grown fond of the cast of characeters that’s been built up over the years so look for a new comic soon.


The MaMinecraft server is doing ok, with Omega and myself playing more then we had been and some cool new builds popping up. Sailing ships. Hanging Garden of Babylon-style pyramids, and a particularly flashy apartment building headline some of the bigger builds. We’re still accepting new members, so sign up on our forum.

While not technically part of AAGH, I’m still updating my All or Nothing Bot Wars video series on you tube. Season one was completed a few years ago and season two is in progress. It’s a series of AI vs AI battles in Robot Arena 2: Design and Destroy for PC using a wide range of custom built robots.

Diablo 3 Beta

As for myself, I recently received an invite to the Diablo 3 beta stress test so I’ve been putting that through it’s paces. The review for D3 will be out following the full game’s release next month, as will one for Minecraft for Xbox 360 and (hopefully) MLB 12: The Show for PS3. May is looking up for AAGH so don’t get left behind.

Alphasim out.


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