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This is a picture of Pokeypop and Ladreaver, two night elves. The former a priest, the latter a hunter, they are better known to readers of this site as Bud and Will. Yes, we took to World of WarCraft the other day. Heaven help our server.


I, Bud, chose to make Pokeypop  a priest to try and keep Will’s hunter and his pet nightsaber Cat alive. I forgot that I’m not a good healer. In any case, the first three levels or so were pretty non-descript, as they often are. Will kept attacking everything he crossed which made getting anywhere a long process. Once I got my first healing spell I was ready to do my job.


We went and got this quest from this lady who sent us to this cave… we weren’t really reading the quest text. It was there that we crossed out first hostile monsters.


Will shot the Webwood Spiders in the face as Cat tore them up from behind. I occasionally healed Cat, just to feel useful.


We crested this ridge and after killing this spider could see a named mob, one Githyiss the Vile. He was across a ravine from us and despite Will trying to shoot him he couldn’t hit him. We jumped into the ravine and within seconds Githyiss attacked Will. I healed Will, which pulled Githyiss on to me. Great. Where’s Cat at when we need him? Cat (and the centaur-like lady) both took the long way around and fought every spider along the way. Will eventually peeled Githyiss off of me and then Cat showed up, only to attack another Webwood Spider. On top of that, Cat was almost dead. I healed Cat, Cat killed the spider and then Cat and Will killed Githyiss. The bad news? We weren’t on a quest to kill Githyiss yet. Damn it all. We slayed a few more spiders and then we were told to kill Githyiss. We approached him properly, pulled him alone and dropped him as a team in no time. Much easier!

By this time (two hours in) we were ready for a break but before we did I wanted to show off my max level character.


Gavelier, my level 85 human paladin was therefore flown in. Gav has no end-game raid gear and only some PvP pieces, but compared to a level 4 hunter he’s a powerhouse. I wanted to duel him but we couldn’t do that here. Oh well, it wouldn’t have been much of a fight anyway.

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