AAGH Game  Center

Today is our third week on Chaos is Gaming. Wow, where has the time gone? Well, it’s been fun. Thanks for reading!

Wait, that’s not right. We’re not done – we’re just getting started. The last two weeks we’ve had Team Fortress Thursday, but today that took a hit when the server we use was down all day. This is the second time it’s had down time in three weeks, a bad ratio. In other news, Will and I played World of WarCraft, which I posted today. That was fun and we might do that again. Someone has to get Will out of the starter zone, right?

Will has been pouring a lot of time in to our Minecraft server so that might see some time here. He’s currently mining out the entire planet from two blocks above bedrock. If this wasn’t Minecraft with it’s goofy physics, a large chunk of the map near his and my castle would have collapsed by now. As it is, they could float over nothingness with no problem. You’ve gotta love Minecraft.

Well, next week will be another week of updates. Look forward to it and say a prayer for our damned Team Fortress 2 server, before I kill it.

– Bud