AAGH Game  Center

Here’s our mission statement, outlining our goal for Chaos is Gaming. What are we out to do, and why should you read us? This is why:

  • We’re pretty good but we’re mortal. We screw up. We bicker. We win, and we lose – all for everyone to read and dissect here.
  • You can learn both how to play games well, and how to play really poorly.
  • We’ll be posting screen cap galleries, in-game videos – some narrated, some not – and podcasts, all featuring our own own crazy perspective on games.
  • We’ll go out of our way to bring mayhem to our games. If the game doesn’t want to cooperate with our mayhem, we’ll find some way to fix that.
  • We’re always up for a challenge so we’re listening to you for what you want to see.

So far we’ve got a stable of over 30 multiplayer current-gen games (and growing) to work with, and a classic library numbering over one hundred. Add single-player current-gen games to the list and we’re near 200 titles total. In short: we’ll have some variety. Some of our current favorites (as of April 2012) are Minecraft, Team Fortress 2 and Rise of Nations, but we’ll be trying out new games regularly.

That’s us folks. Hope you like it.