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Do you see this city?


This unassuming city? This peaceful town, from Rise of Nations: Thrones and Patriots? Bud hates this city, and here is why.

That is Lincoln, the second city built by an AI playing the British nation. Bud was Russia and Will was America, with Japan just there just because.

patriots 2012-04-18 23-06-12-12

This is Bud’s capital, obviously.

patriots 2012-04-18 23-06-18-31

And this was Will’s. They started just above one another, with Bud to the North. Britain, the green nation was to Bud’s east, so he took his usual aggressive style and looked to take their nearest city to boost his economy.

patriots 2012-04-18 23-07-20-31

That city was Lincoln, just to the east of his new city,  Vitebsk.

patriots 2012-04-18 23-07-14-55 Vitebsk was Bud’s military hub. He built up a barracks, stable and siege factory to go and wipe out Lincoln. Let the battle commence!

Try #1

patriots 2012-04-18 23-09-29-04


patriots 2012-04-18 23-09-57-51

Bud wasn’t expecting a smooth ride to Lincoln but this group of archers destroyed his army in no time flat. Ok, let’s try that again.

Try #2

patriots 2012-04-18 23-10-42-15

The second strike required rebuilding his military, which was agonizingly slow.

patriots 2012-04-18 23-11-46-81

This time Bud went to the south, looking for those archers.

patriots 2012-04-18 23-12-29-39

Not encountering them, he poised himself to take London from below.

patriots 2012-04-18 23-12-34-50


patriots 2012-04-18 23-13-06-04

Here come’s Britain’s army, Bud!

patriots 2012-04-18 23-13-49-66

Damn, that was a  slaughtering. Well, third time’s the charm, right?

Try #3

patriots 2012-04-18 23-15-16-45

Back to Lincoln, I guess. This starts out well, and then the British countered again.patriots 2012-04-18 23-15-54-69


patriots 2012-04-18 23-15-54-69

Oh my god, Bud took Lincoln! He has it! Now can he…

patriots 2012-04-18 23-16-42-52

… nope. Ok Bud, that’s strike three. You’re out. Go sit down while we check on Will.

patriots 2012-04-18 23-16-55-58

Ah. Will built the great Colossus of… Philadelphia? Ok. Sure.

patriots 2012-04-18 23-17-00-01

He’s also squeezing Bud out as he takes over more and more of the map. Ok Bud, are you ready to try this again?

Try #4

patriots 2012-04-18 23-17-03-52

patriots 2012-04-18 23-19-44-59


Try #5

patriots 2012-04-18 23-20-17-08

patriots 2012-04-18 23-21-37-14


patriots 2012-04-18 23-22-18-32

… but still no.

Try #6

patriots 2012-04-18 23-23-24-42

patriots 2012-04-18 23-23-37-78

Time’s winding down Bud. You’ve got gunpowder now, but only 30 seconds to play with it.

patriots 2012-04-18 23-24-13-43

The British, now comfortably in the lead, don’t even bother to fight him. The game ended on a time victory for the British with the Bud/Will team in second (thanks to Will and his huge empire) and Japan still just there, totally uninvolved.

patriots 2012-04-18 23-25-24-74

Will had built up a massive economy, a couple wonders and was an age ahead of Bud, with over 1,500 more points then Bud. Will actually had the high score for the game and if it wasn’t for Bud’s military mishaps they might have won. Alas, Bud thought he was Alexander the Great but was more of a General Custer.

The end.