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Bud doesn’t take defeat lying down. Oh, no. He gets back up and pops defeat in the mouth. Here, he and Will lay it to the evil AI in Rise of Nations: Thrones and Patriots.

patriots 2012-04-19 19-30-31-02

patriots 2012-04-19 19-33-34-58

The game was set with no time limit and a 30-minute peace treaty to start the game. It’s the guys against four AI in a sudden death match. Here, Bud puts the starting pieces on his military factory.

patriots 2012-04-19 19-35-19-20

When the 30 minutes were up, Bud and Will were in the Industrial Age and Bud had a small army ready to invade.

patriots 2012-04-19 19-35-54-65

Ok, if they insist.

patriots 2012-04-19 19-36-17-09

38 seconds after declaring war, one enemy is defeated.

patriots 2012-04-19 19-36-53-11

Less then 2 minutes later, another enemy falls.

patriots 2012-04-19 19-37-27-33

One minute, ten seconds later the third foe falls. Having wiped out 3/4 of the enemy empires in under four minutes,  Bud offers to leave the last guy for Will.

patriots 2012-04-19 19-37-35-44

That may have been a bad, bad idea. Will begins research at the 34:35 mark in the game.

patriots 2012-04-19 19-38-43-88

41 minutes into the game, this was Will’s entire army.

patriots 2012-04-19 19-39-11-07

At the same time, this was most of Bud’s. Slight difference. Will does have one thing Bud’s neglecting though.

patriots 2012-04-19 19-40-02-89


patriots 2012-04-19 19-40-17-05

Lots of nukes.

patriots 2012-04-19 19-40-17-87

A ton of nukes.

patriots 2012-04-19 19-40-40-23

47 minutes into the match, Will researches insta-build and churns out a slew of soldiers.

patriots 2012-04-19 19-41-25-26

They take a city of the last remaining nation and that’s that.

patriots 2012-04-19 19-41-27-25

The match was over and Bud got his revenge. All’s well that ends well on Chaos is Gaming.