AAGH Game  Center

It’s our first update! We’re working!

I’m Bud, and first up Will and I take on Team Fortress 2. I’m an old hand at the game but Will’s just been playing a few days. We’ll pick up first in our latest match, a private server King of the Hill match on Nucleus vs. some bots. Fun times! Will’s going to be throwing in an opinion here and there, I’m sure.


Here we are! I’m the pyro and he’s the heavy, which is effing ironic because in RL he’s a firebug and I’m… well, I’m heavy.


And we’re off!



Here Will and I wait on the bridge to extend. Why am I waiting in the back? Because I don’t want to get shot, that’s why. I’m not dumb. Will says that I’m cheating but I don’t think so – if I can stay alive, I’m going to. He can take the bullets.


Ok it’s out! Go, go, GO! Wait, I’m the pyro, not the heavy. Mmph, hmmp, gmpht!


Ain’t no one taking this hill. We got it locked down.


I slipped off to kill a pain in the ass scout while Will provided some cover fire. Or tries to shoot me in the back. Will has no comment as to which he was actually trying to do.


I got back alive and then he took off to find ammo. I hit behind this rise around the hill for shelter. It worked, believe it or not.


Will gets in a shootout with a solider. With a shotgun. While the soldier has a rocket launcher. I predict bad things. Will agrees.


The solider’s not looking so Will springs into action.


Oh god…


Uh, yeah… about that bad feeling we had…


Here that damned scout charges me and my hidey spot. No! Is mine! You find your own!


Damn. I guess he can have it then.


Hey, Will’s alive! Yeah! Get the hill!


Will, you’re wasting ammo! I know you can see him, but he’s behind bulletproof glass. Save your bullets for a something you can kill. Will says he has plenty of ammo, despite him running out all the time. He must know something I don’t.


I’m back, and the hill is ours. No contest.


Ok now REALLY no contest. What’s up, doc? That was surprisingly easy.

Until next time!