Diablo III is still fresh, and so I want to share my favorite character’s build. His name is Spook, and he’s a witch doctor. Here’s his build at level 29.

Spook's Spells

This is the complete list of Spook’s spell layout at level 29, and you can see it in more detail here. It’s primarily designed for survival and letting my summons do most of my damage. I keep my gargantua and four zombie dogs up all of the time, summoning my spider queen when fighting breaks out. I used to use plague of toads and the exploding toads rune, but the firebomb spell is much more a precision attack. I chose the ‘groping eels’ rune for grasp of the dead since I’m not terribly concerned with the slow effect as I am with the AOE damage it can do. I have a hard time deciding on the ‘restless giant’ rune (for increased damage when fighting elites) and the ‘humongoid’ rune (for a multi-hitting cleave attack) but I have him on restless giant for now. When I’m just grinding he’s usually on humongoid. Sacrificing my zombie dogs is my best damage attack but it’s not one I can or would use often.

Spook's Stats

Here are his current skills. I used to stack life on hit and life on kill, but I’ve since moved to intelligence for damage increases. Can you say, “bad idea?” I knew you could. I would do well to stock up on vitality for HP and some healing stats but that’s for another day. Today, Spook is going damage-based, and dying for it.

It may be a losing strategy.