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hl2 2012-05-31 13-36-46-12

Team Fortress Thursday is a small one this week, with pictures only. Videos will (probably) be back next week. Maybe.

hl2 2012-05-31 13-37-55-83

After dying over and over as a Pyro, I decided that healing Will was the way to go. He’s a big ass target, right? The bots will shoot him first, right Of course they will.

hl2 2012-05-31 13-38-27-95

They did, and then they didn’t. The demo man isn’t exactly accurate so his bouncy bombs tore me up. Revenge time!

hl2 2012-05-31 13-39-12-82

Revenge as a sniper, I mean. Down he goes!  I died again soon after, so I swapped to scout. Surely now I…

hl2 2012-05-31 13-40-51-53

Oh. Damn. Ok what about a spy? They’ll never see me coming and…

hl2 2012-05-31 13-47-30-79

Damn it all. Through all of this Will was mowing folks down left and right. Four matches in and my kill to death ratio was a sterling 1:1. That sucks.

I’m making a new rule: no more make me play TF2 while I’m half asleep. It’s a recipe for disaster.

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