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It was a bit of a disaster, to be honest. Bud had a plan, a grand vision. He would take Jeanne and Will to a dungeon in the Minecraft Bukkit mod, GuildEra. It did not go to plan.

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The plan was that Bud would wear leather and wield a bow, Will would wear iron and carry a diamond sword, and Jeanne would tank with diamond armor and an iron sword. Off they go!

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They enter the first floor, ready to conquer.

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The first floor was tiled in hell mud, slowing their movement to a crawl which allowed the skeleton spawner to fill the room with arrows.

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Once finally on the 2nd floor (out of 10) they got laid into by silverfish. Bud got backed into a window, and then…

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… out of the window. He lived, and quickly darted back up the steps.

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Bad idea.  Skeletons quickly killed him, making him the first casualty of the adventure. He would not be the last.

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Bud tried to follow Jeanne for protection but the monsters overwhelmed them.

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Ok, that’s bad… Bud just got an arrow to the head and Will’s dead from falling from the tower.

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Bud took off running and was caught on fire by a horde of Blazes. He figured – rashly, in fact – that the easiest way to get to the top was just to run like a bat out of hell.

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That decision got all three of them killed.

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Bud finally made it to the top, and lo and behold, there was a frickin’ Ghast spawner. WTF?!

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The treasure chest was found… and it had a bow and some gold bars. Rip. Off.

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Floata died to skeletons.

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Next Bud got killed by the ghasts, Jeanne died to a spider and the quest was brought to a swift end.

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Or was it?