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Pokeypop (Bud) and Ladreaver (Will) are at it again in World of WarCraft. Here’s what they’ve been up to.


Here they are. Bud and Will are, as stated last time, Night Elves. Bud’s the priest and Will’s a hunter, and together they roll through the Night Elf starting zone. Bud was the navigator since Will was basically an elven Ryoga Hibiki (a fictional anime character prone to getting lost at the drop of a hat).


Will and his cat kick some nightsaber ass while Bud watches. Bud’s job was heal and shield the two of them while they kept him alive. Tank (cat), DPS (Will) and Heals (Bud). It’s a true three-man party, but with two elves and a feline. That counts, right? Right? I think so, at least.


Bud mostly just watched. He’s lazy that way. His life was the easy one, just standing back and clicking on people to keep his magical shield on them and heal them. That is, until he screws up and draws monsters to attack him. He’s a screw up that way.


Run! Bud and Will make a break for the boat to Stormwind. Bud wanted to take Will to the human (and therefore Alliance) capital. Will was given the poor-man’s tour (for obvious reasons  – both of the guys were broke) and then stopped by the barber shop.


So, what’s up with getting a haircut, guys? Anyone up for a mop chop?


Will is! Actually, he let his hair grow out. How that works I have no idea.


Hey, nice mop, Will. Who’s your barber? Oh, that’s right, the gnome over there. Hey – how the did the gnome reach your head to cut your hair in the first place?! He must keep a step ladder around here somewhere.

That’s all for now. We promise a more exciting adventures next time.