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Bud and Will play Dungeon Defenders. They play it decently well, when they know the level. The other day they played a new level. Chaos ensued.

They’ve spent hours leveling and practicing on the Act 1 levels on different difficulties and finally stepped into their first Act 2 level, Servant’s Quarters a few days ago.

Servant's Quarters

They set out to defend the Eternia Crystal when they realized they weren’t protecting the same crystal. Two crystals sat on the map, so they divided them up, Bud the Squire taking the west and Will the Monk taking the east. Will built his character up for doing direct damage so he laid down defenses to injure (with his electric aura) and slow the attackers (with his ensnare aura) so he could kill them by hand. Bud built his to maximize tower damage so he laid his towers to trap and kill attackers. Once done they got ready for the first round.

All went smoothly in the first round, as they usually do, until Bud noticed an orc hacking at his Bouncer Blockade (basically a spiked pinball bouncer of death) from within it’s protective purple spawning circle. That meant that while it could tear up the bouncer blockade, the bouncer blockade couldn’t hurt it. Bud had to sell his bouncer blockade and kill the orc by hand. This all happened around one of his two entrances he had to cover the other one… we’ll get to the other one later. Will easily slayed his quarry, and after repairing and upgrading their defenses, they got ready for round two.

Rounds two and three (of six) were rather uneventful (other then Will having to run to his crystal’s defense once a round after someone got by him). By round four, they had most of their defense in place. Bud had two of his Slice ‘n Dice Blockades around his crystal, which are basically a central spinning motor with four giant blades on it. Bud calls it his ‘slap-chop’ because it makes a fine mulch out of whatever it encounters. Will had less individual defenses but they were all upgraded. The 4th round began and other then Will again having to run to his crystal’s defense, the big change was Bud noticing that he had never once gone to check his second entrance. It only had a bouncer blockade and a spiked blockade (a small spiked wall), but no one ever got through. On the other hand, his first entrance was being a bear so he erected a Harpoon Turret to overlook it. That handled that.

Between rounds four and five, Will leveled up and pumped more skill points into his personal killing power. Round five’s highlight was Bud running to defend Will’s crystal only to find out it wasn’t Will’s crystal that was under attack: it was his. A dark elf mage was summoning skeletons to attack it while healing everyone around himself. Fun. Bud ran back and dealt with him and Will did the same with the one on his side. Finally, round six! The final round! Bud placed two more slap-chops up by Will’s crystal for protection before they began the final battle. It was epic! It was crazy! It was chaotic! It was…

… screw it, it was a let down. They chewed through their foes without breaking a sweat. Curse you, anti-climatic endings!!