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Working in Minecraft as a whole has brought out a unique side of me. Digging in the pit I must look like a mole in the whole, Any ways finding gold, iron, redstone, diamond, gravel, cobblestone, dirt and lava have become a past time for me. A life time of running from zombies, skeletons,and spiders not to mention the slime things and the endermen its a hard time trying to stay alive let alone dodging the lava. Building extremely large things for absolutely no real purpose, except to keep Bud guessing, And to see if I could do it. And as for the TNT, my motives are very simple… I like explosives… My real fun is seeing if I can dig up the entire planet. The best part about it is no one knows exactly where I am at any given moment , I could pop up any time.

– Will (will@chaosisgaming.com)

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