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mpc-hc 2012-06-21 10-12-50-59

Today was a big day for Bud and Will and Chaos is Gaming: They took their Team Fortress 2 Thursday to the masses – and the masses responded with a vengeance.

mpc-hc 2012-06-21 10-13-02-74

After being forced to spend the first half of the match on opposite teams, the game auto-balanced Bud to the Blu team with Will.  Here’s Bud’s first glimpse of Will as a ally. They were doing ok (as in, dying regularly but not constantly) until the Red team went sniper-heavy.

mpc-hc 2012-06-21 10-13-34-92

After the guys were both sniped a number of times, they both tried to return the favor. Will got killed a few times trying, and in this shot, Bud lines up a shot on the other team’s gunman.

mpc-hc 2012-06-21 10-13-52-01

This should tell you how that ended.

mpc-hc 2012-06-21 10-14-45-22

At one point Bud infiltrated the Red base as a scout and shotty’d an enemy scout in the main room.

mpc-hc 2012-06-21 10-14-49-43

Ha! Bud turned around to head back and…

mpc-hc 2012-06-21 10-14-53-25

… dammit.

mpc-hc 2012-06-21 10-15-34-87

Here, Bud (solider) and Will (Pyro) defend the Blu base.

mpc-hc 2012-06-21 10-16-02-77

Bud made to cross the bridge and had both a pyro and a solider on the run when a scout decided to surprise him from behind. He looks surprised, doesn’t he?

mpc-hc 2012-06-21 10-16-41-55

Hey, does that flame… have a skull in it? That’s so freaking random.

mpc-hc 2012-06-21 10-17-17-68

The guys both died countless times to a fully upgraded sentry gun the Red base’s entryway so Bud went spy to disable it.

mpc-hc 2012-06-21 10-17-22-36

There it is!

mpc-hc 2012-06-21 10-17-26-14


mpc-hc 2012-06-21 10-17-37-84

It’s damned engineer came back and fixed it, though. Worse however was a pyro who set Bud on fire, destroying his disguise.

mpc-hc 2012-06-21 10-17-39-35

Crap crap crap crap… run Bud! He managed to sneak away and re-disguise himself before coming back to try it again.

mpc-hc 2012-06-21 10-18-26-25

Here the gun’s still operational. Bud wants to put an end to that.

mpc-hc 2012-06-21 10-18-45-13

You know what, you damned, freaking engineer?

mpc-hc 2012-06-21 10-18-47-24

Screw you. Unfortunately Bud;s attack cost him his disguise and earned him a few rockets from the still-live sentry gun. He didn’t destroy the gun but he got to stab that stupid engineer. That’s good for something right?

mpc-hc 2012-06-21 10-19-01-51

Sure. Ok, let’s try that again.

mpc-hc 2012-06-21 10-19-09-01

Damn, even disguised he didn’t make it across the bridge without getting sniped. Ok, spy games are over.

mpc-hc 2012-06-21 10-19-33-62

Finally, a semi-coordinated attack! Bud (now a solider) follows Will (still a pyro) who follows a demo man into the Red base.

mpc-hc 2012-06-21 10-20-03-82

Will’s fighting someone here.

mpc-hc 2012-06-21 10-20-06-50

Ah, an engineer. Time for the Chaos is Gaming Two-Step to bring him down.

mpc-hc 2012-06-21 10-20-17-11

Dead! Muahaha… now to press their advantage into the enemy…

mpc-hc 2012-06-21 10-20-31-63

… crap. Ok, fall back and regroup.

mpc-hc 2012-06-21 10-20-52-41

Bud faces down a line of troops but it’s futile.

mpc-hc 2012-06-21 10-21-01-20

The guys have lost. They lose. Oh, sad sad day! Bud finished with 25 kills but died 36 times. Will died 37 times and nabbed 10 kills, but about a dozen assists. About even, I’d say.

So they both share blame for the loss.