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We’re back to EVE Online! Let’s see what the guys have been up to.

ExeFile 2012-07-19 10-12-01-02

Here we see Will mining away on a Scordite asteroid. The guys decided mining was the way to go this time.
ExeFile 2012-07-19 10-18-28-62

Unfortunately there was a pirate in the area. He was picking on another ship before deciding to come bug Bud.

ExeFile 2012-07-19 10-19-33-96

He slowly approached as Bud did his mining thing.

ExeFile 2012-07-19 10-20-18-14

He attacked Bud, but got chased away by Bud’s small electron gun. Bud finished mining and decided to give chase once the pirate attacked a nearby defenseless miner.

ExeFile 2012-07-19 10-22-50-72

Fire Bud! Kill kill kill!

ExeFile 2012-07-19 10-24-32-02

After changing their tactic to Will mines/Bud transports (after getting Bud a full account) Bud finally got his training done to get out a new ship. It’s name?

ExeFile 2012-07-19 11-10-39-68

The Big Guy. Bud got an Iteron industrial ship and outfitted it with two cargo expanders, giving him over 4.1k m3 of ore-hauling space. He went back to Will to continue the mining operation.

ExeFile 2012-07-19 11-23-47-66

And this is where they are now, and have been for 30 minutes. Will mines with his dual lasers and fills Bud’s cargo hold up with ore. Bud has the only gun they have so he acts as transport and body guard.

Until next time!