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Will is missing.

Will MIA

Will has been missing since yesterday. He and Bud were mining away in space when he took a different route home and disappeared.

ExeFile 2012-07-23 15-07-24-08

They were mining in Scheenins with Bud’s new cargo container. They flew out to deep space with Bud in his Iteron and Will in a Catalyst loaded with six  guns and a mining laser. His guns were primarily Light Ion Blasters with Antimatter ammunition.

Bud hauled his space whale (the Iteron) back to their home in Clellinon while Will took a different route. Wait, wait – this just in…


Crap, he got killed. Will had loaded down his ship with a seventh gun and headed into zero security space where this happened. His last words on that trip were apparently his battle cry. Let’s listen to them.


Uh, ok. He was respawned from a clone back in his home base though and is now fine.

Broke and shipless, but fine.