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Bud and Will play Minecraft on the AAGH MaMinecraft server, and recently went to build a castle. A new castle. Not like their old castle, which was basically a oversized tower. No, this one will be a for real castle. You can see their scaffolding for the castle, the skeleton if you will.

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And here’s the finished product. Like the flag? Anyway, let’s look at the other side.

java 2012-07-30 20-51-22-60

You can see the courtyard here. The other night Will built a wall around where the neighboring village would be.

java 2012-07-31 00-32-07-71

Uh… hmm. That might be a little too tall. How do you deal with taking that huge wall down in a reasonable amount of time?

java 2012-07-31 01-56-30-12

TNT, of course.

java 2012-07-31 01-56-40-43

And there she blows! The wall was gone in just a few minutes. Typical Chaos is Gaming thinking: when in doubt, blow it up.

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