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It was a party, a bonanza I say, for Chaos is Gaming the other day. For Team Fortress 2 Thursday, we have two special guests.


The guys were joined by old hat Essemm (they’re first seen playing with them here) and another friend, zsturgess. It was two matches of death, destruction and mayhem.

First up was king of the hill on Nucleus. It was Bud and Essemm on blue vs. zsturgess and Will on red. This was a see-saw match over the control point/hill, so here are some of the highlights.

  • Bud bouncing zsturgess airborne with his rockets and then finishing him off in midair
  • zsturgess’ pyro’s hat


  • Essemm’s engineer disintegrating people with his laser rifle
  • Essemm’s milkman-esque scout wielding a fish


  • A milk-soaked pyro Will frying Essemm

BBQ milk!

The match ended with the blue team winning 3-0, and all three blue players dominating all three red players. It was a little lopsided so the teams were mixed up the next game. It was Chaos is Gaming vs. the Challengers on the Granary capture point map. This had the all the making of an epic clash and it delivered.

Sort of.

The Challengers broke out to a 2-0 lead by winning the first two rounds easily. Bud and Will were desperately game planning how to get back into the match when a deus ex machina of sorts arrived – Essemm’s connection kept cutting out, leaving zsturgess and one AI bot to defend against Bud, Will and their bot ally. The guys made good use of their occasional numbers advantage to push the match to a 2-2 tie. With Essemm mostly on the sidelines the fifth match also went to the Chaos is Gaming crew.

There are so many unknowns about that game. What if Essemm had been there for the entire match? What if Will could actually navigate that level? What if zsturgess hadn’t stuck that evil turret next to the final red capture point? What if Bud could actually aim well?

What if? How about what is. What it is is another victory for Chaos is Gaming. Hooray!

EDIT: Updated for a typo.

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